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Here’s a gem from yesterday’s CBS News headlines, and a profound little quote from Amalia Damonte (about Pope Francis):

I think he’s really very down-to-earth, and that’s how I am, too. I’m very humble. You all will notice. I’m always the same. Perhaps in that sense we might be soulmates. Because we’re very humble, we love the poor. The trouble is that today there’s no love for the poor. People love fancy clothes and nothing more,” she said, tugging at her collar.

I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did:

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English: Pope Benedict XVI during visit to São...

I recently did some reading about the Pope’s garments- the seal and the red shoes and the fisherman’s ring, and I find the symbolism beautiful and meaningful.  I am pleased that Pope Benedict XVI brought back the traditional red shoes that represent the blood of the martyrs that have sprinkled the sacred path.

I am sad that his age and poor health and other burdens caused him to abandon his position so quickly, but I pray that he will have a peaceful and meaningful life in the future.

I am not a Catholic and denominations have never been important to me as a Christian believer.  But I sincerely hope that the cardinals in Rome will prayerfully appoint the next man to be Pope, because he is clearly one of the most highly regarded spiritual leaders in the world and his challenges will be great in these tumultuous times.




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