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From “The Iris Diaries”


Based on a true story

Bell Tower at Furman University, Greenville, S...

A friend of Iris named Christian went on a trip with his family to Greenville, South Carolina.  When he came back, he told Iris he felt like he was in heaven while he was there, that it was a beautiful town built around a river, and the Spirit ministered to him in a powerful way.  He attended a church that affected him deeply, and he said that he was hearing the voice of the Spirit in a way that he never had in the past. 

Christian talked about one day that he was with his sister and they crossed a stone bridge near the river with hills all around, and suddenly he heard what sounded like harp music.  He paused and looked around and spied a little girl with long golden hair playing a harp beside the river.  Christian turned to his sister and said, “Am I in heaven or what?” 

          After hearing him describe Greenville, Iris reminded him about their previous conversation, “Green seems to be the color right now.  You said before that you dreamt of angels that seemed to be cut out of green emeralds, and you had a green afterglow in your eyes all night. 

“And I have had two vivid dreams recently: one of a green wheel with mysterious inscriptions on it, and another of a green tree that was peaceful and lush and fragrant as I would imagine the tree of life to be.”

          Christian replied, “Well, I guess green is the color of life.”

          “Yes” said Iris, “and the color of healing.”

Soon after their conversation, Iris decided to visit some troubled young men at a nearby detention center.  When she arrived and turned in her car keys at the front desk, she saw a lady coming down the hallway to lead her to the dormitories.  She recognized her from church, though she had never formally met her.  The woman was wearing a green dress, and Iris asked her what her name was.  “Miss Green,” she said, shaking Iris’s hand and smiling.  As they walked toward the dorms, Iris peered into a classroom and saw a huge poster of a glorious green tree, which looked like the one in her dreams!  Iris knew then that God was close by her and that she would be fruitful in her labors.

          She felt the Spirit as she ministered to the youth during their conversations and prayers, and several of the young men said they could feel God’s presence in the room. 

“Are you a missionary?” one of them asked Iris.  She laughed, and said, “Well, I’ve been told that I am by different people, so I suppose so.” 


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