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Here’s a gem from yesterday’s CBS News headlines, and a profound little quote from Amalia Damonte (about Pope Francis):

I think he’s really very down-to-earth, and that’s how I am, too. I’m very humble. You all will notice. I’m always the same. Perhaps in that sense we might be soulmates. Because we’re very humble, we love the poor. The trouble is that today there’s no love for the poor. People love fancy clothes and nothing more,” she said, tugging at her collar.

I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did:

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A garden statue of Francis of Assisi with birds


Today is my birthday, and I will always remember that Pope Francis was elected on 3-13-13! He also chose the name of my favorite saint.   Saint Francis is known for humility, poverty, wanting to “rebuild the church” (in spiritual terms), and the love of animals.  How fitting that the “Sistine Seagull” perched patiently upon the chimney.

According to reports, this Pope has practiced the teachings of Saint Francis in several ways.  He chose to live in a small apartment downtown rather to dwell in the palace offered to him, he rode on the bus instead of in the limousine, and he cooked for himself when he could have had a servant.  Sounds like he tries to imitate Christ as well!

We need humble spiritual leaders in the Christian community, and Pope Francis appeared to have a contrite spirit, when he stepped onto the balcony and asked the crowd to pray for him.  I am thankful that my prayers were answered so speedily today!

Peace & Grace,

“Sister Olive”

P. S.  Interestingly, last year on my birthday, my sister sent me the book “Brother Sun, Sister Moon” based on the famous prayer of Saint Francis!


Pope Francis: Humble leader who takes bus to work (

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