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Whenever I read about primaries and elections going on and people talking about liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans, I get very frustrated, because I don’t see how either of the political parties line up with Christ’s teachings. I find it annoying when people try to say that the Republican party is the Christian party. I just don’t see it, and many minority Christians I know are very confused by this notion as well. As an actual historical figure, I would say that Jesus would bear more resemblance to Gandhi than Glenn Beck.

We live in a country where people are supposedly allowed to speak their opinions freely, and I support that wholeheartedly. But I don’t like it when people try to validate their politics by giving it some sort of divine authority or approval. It shows that some people have distorted eyesight when it comes to their vision of Christ.

After studying about the life of Jesus for many years, I can see more parallels between His teachings and Democrats than I can with Republicans. He was an advocate of social justice and blessed the poor during His beautiful sermon on the mount. When hungry people were around, He dropped everything and fed them. He interfered with an attempt at capital punishment when Mary was about to be stoned for adultery. He encouraged women to use all of their gifts and talents, and He liberated them from their accepted roles (read about Mary and Martha). He was utterly nonviolent throughout His life and ministry and He never toted a weapon. He told Peter to put away his sword when he tried to defend Jesus with it. He paid His taxes without argument and so did His earthly parents. He never tried to get rich. I don’t see how Jesus could ever be considered a Republican or even a capitalist. He wasn’t even an American, but people seem to think Heaven is draped with the American flag.

On the flip side I don’t believe He would have liked abortion either, because He said not to hinder the little children from coming to Him. Harming them by any means whether in wars, clinics, or while attending school in my view would constitute a hindrance. Thankfully children will go to Him anyway but that is not to our credit.

The reality is that Jesus is compassionate to everyone- women, children, and even messed up people like me. That’s why I love Him in the first place.

Now these are my opinions, and you are welcome to disagree but please be nice about it. I respect your opinions but I humbly assert that Jesus was not a Republican or a Democrat, because His kingdom is not of this world.

So please don’t try to use His name as a party endorsement.


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