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Does anyone remember an old game show called “To Tell the Truth” in which contestants would ask questions to try to discern who was a certain celebrity among several impostors? My experiences with church have been that way, and I still find myself looking for a real and true one with humble honest leaders.

I have always loved Jesus since I was a child, but for me institutionalized religion has proven mostly boring and disillusioning. For many years of my life, I have worn the church around my neck like an oversized hunk of costume jewelry, while my non-Christian friends have been politely unimpressed, because they could see that it’s not real.

A precious gem like Jesus deserves better than an old tarnished setting. I want people I know to be drawn into His beauty and majesty, but within the context of my broken life and my church, people have not taken enough notice of Him. I love Christ and His teachings, and I am tired of all the unnecessary trappings.

I have been out of the church scene for a long time now because I am weary of the stained-glass aquariums and the theatrics and the building funds and the blessing of billboards instead of people, and those trite church sayings by every roadside. I don’t believe Christ would subscribe to any of this nonsense that is being done in His name.

Is this really as good as it gets for Christian believers in America? If so, I suppose I will be a lonely follower of Jesus for a long time.

Please pray for me to find a church where I can go without getting angry.


Sister Olive


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